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Registration 2013

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CTT 2013

When: Thursday September 26 - Sunday September 29
Where: Artemas, PA

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to Crossing the Thresholds, an east coast, Pennsylvania based Otherkin gather. This page is to promote the event and to provide all the information you could possibly wish for. Have any questions? Ask away! There’s a question form on this page you can fill out, or you can email one of our organizers. That said, let’s get started.

This event is open to everyone! Whatever your identity, as long as you respect the land and your fellow attendees, you are always welcome. This event is also comprised wholly of what we bring to it. We love stories, songs, any food you might share*, crafts, books, skills, and of course, yourself. Whatever your race, your gender, your sexuality, or your beliefs, you are welcome among us.

About the Space:
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary is a sustainable farm/campground in Artemis, PA. All around are misty mountains, lovely forests, and even a winding and beautiful creek. There is plenty of space in Open Camping, a fire circle, many different altars for many different faiths, and even a stone circle. There are also generators for your power needs and bathroom/shower facilities on site. Even if you’re not used to camping, there are plenty of amenities to make you feel at home. There’s even a labyrinth!

Q. What Do I Bring? (Camping Supplies!)
A. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, a camp chair if you have one, clothes and food enough for the days you’re attending. There are fire rings available on site for a small fee and plenty of firewood. The weather can vary, so be sure to be prepare for rain or shine! Temperatures can be as high as 90 degrees and as cold as 50 degrees this time of year, so make sure to pack clothing to keep you both warm and cool. There are showers and a swimming hole, so bring your towel and swimsuit if you are so inclined. Bring a trash bag, too, because there are no on site trash cans and we always try to leave the campground a little cleaner than we found it.

Q: What Else Can I Bring?
A. Part of what coming together is about is sharing our own individual kinds of magic and experience. Can you play an instrument? Bring it! Do you like to sing? Bring songs! Do you like to cook, or make your own mead or beer? Bring some to share, or a favorite recipe on a card to give out. Do you draw or make jewelry or clothing? bring that too! We’re all from different cultures. What we have is individually unique, and the act of sharing that can be truly magical. Check out the workshops list and description to get ideas!

Q: Can I Bring a Friend? (kin or non-kin)
A. Bring your shiny friends! Most of us have lovers or friends or family that we share this part of ourselves with. Whether or not someone identifies as Otherkin, as long as they are open minded and respectful of others they are absolutely welcome. It makes it more fun, too!

Q. Are there Rules?
A. We ask that you respect the space and the land, and respect your fellow attendees. Don’t litter and be aware of the personal boundaries of the people around you. If someone makes you uncomfortable, come see one of the organizers. Really we’re not big on rules other than being good to each other.

Keep in mind!

*Minors (under the age of 18) must have written parental permission if attending on their own.

*PACK WARMLY! You can always take your clothes off if it gets hot, but if it gets cold and you’re not prepared, it’s a lot less fun.

*A note on food:
Many of us have allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals, so if you are bringing something to share, it’s always good to bring the ingredient list as well. Some of us are gluten intolerant or soy intolerant, some of us are vegan or vegetarian, or eat as organic/sustainable of food as possible. Some of us are omnivores that will eat anything!